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Space rentals

    Since its creation in 1998, the School has already hosted a dozen film shoots, from advertising clips to cinema films and now TV and web series.
    Its 6,600 m2 of surface area, its bright glassed-in spaces, its double-height workshops and the raw materials that characterize it (concrete, waxed concrete, aluminum, steel and perforated wood) are conducive to a variety of scenographies, which are easy to measure during a location scouting.

    The school favors closed periods (school vacations) to offer film crews optimal reception conditions, in particular with the complete privatization of the establishment and its vast secure exterior and interior parking lot.

    The main spaces:

    • an amphitheater with 130 seats
    • a closed and secured outdoor parking lot
    • a closed and secured indoor parking lot
    • a cafeteria with designer furniture
    • a meeting room with a plunging view of the library
    • a convertible classroom
    • a platform on the roof of the amphitheater with a 360° view
    • an atrium with a metal amphitheater box on stilts
    • metal walkways and staircases with a view of the outside environment through the bay windows
    • a library on two levels with a beautiful, bright reading room

    Located on the Cité Descartes university campus in Champs sur Marne (Seine et Marne), the School is easily accessible, close to all transport facilities (RER A, RATP bus lines and A4 freeway).

    You have a short- or medium-term shooting project and the spaces of our school inspire you? Let's talk about it and schedule a location scouting!

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