École d’architecture
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Statutes and authorities

    In 2018, new decrees overhaul the governance of the national higher schools of architecture: a more important place is given to external personalities within the board of directors. The schools now have a pedagogical and scientific council made up of two commissions: training and student life (CFVE) and research (CR). The teachers have the status of teacher-researcher and the National Council of Teacher-Researchers of the Schools of Architecture (CNECEA) has been created.


    Amina Sellali1 leads the institution and has authority over the departments and staff. She implements the policies defined by and with the board of directors and the institution's bodies.

    The Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors sets the main guidelines for the School of Architecture. It deliberates on the school's internal regulations, which are submitted by the director for approval by the minister responsible for culture, the teaching programmes prepared by the pedagogical and scientific council, the budget and the financial account, the categories of contracts or agreements which, by virtue of their nature or importance, are submitted to it by the director of the school, and the issues which fall within its remit by virtue of the legislative and regulatory provisions in force, and in particular Decree No. 2018-109 of 15 February 2018 on public budgetary and accounting management. The Board of Directors shall examine the activity report drawn up each year by the Director.

    Elected members to 11 March 2021
    Marc Mimram Président
    Teachers' College
    Laurent Koetz
    Sophie Spzirglas
    Christophe Widerski
    Jean-Marc Weill
    Ido Avissar
    Marc Mimram
    College of External Persons
    Enrico d'Agostino
    Daniel Alarcon
    Thi Hong Chau Van
    Hélène Jacquot-Guimbal
    Yves Lion
    Alexandre Maîtrot de la Motte
    Pierre Mansat
    Sophie Mougard
    Katia Samardzic
    Julien Sebag
    College of Administrative Staff
    Estéfania Nuchéra
    Nathalie Guerrois
    Sylvain Facompré
    Students' College
    Nicolas Beffre Maxime Dupont
    Shannon Honvo Clotilde Duverger
    Léa Ortega Eléa Laurent
    Members by right
    Amina Sellali Directrice

    The pedagogical and scientific council

    The Pedagogical and Scientific Council is formed by the Commission for Education and Student Life and the Research Commission. It is competent to discuss the strategic orientations of the School of Architecture in terms of training, student life and research.

    President Éric Lapierre
    Vice-president Fanny Lopez
    The Education and Student Life Committee
    Elected members to 7 December 2018
    President Éric Lapierre
    Administrative College
    Holders Alternates
    Franck Provitolo Patricia Coudert
    Teachers' College
    Holders Alternates
    Élise Bon Julien Tanant
    Mariabruna Fabrizi Julien Boidot
    Éric Lapierre
    Olivier Malclès Iris Lacoudre
    Philippe Barthélémy
    Jean-Aimé Shu
    Student College to 11 March 2021
    Holders Alternates
    Marie Mathy Kelly Chhour
    Vincent Barazzutti Alexis Lauté
    Gwennaïg Rougetet Camille Gineste

    The Research Committee
    Elected members to 7 December 2018
    Presidente Fanny Lopez
    Teachers' College
    Éric Alonzo
    Julie André-Garguilo
    Luc Baboulet
    Paul Landauer
    Fanny Lopez
    Sébastien Marot
    Giaime Méloni
    Anne Portnoï
    Doctoral College
    Paul Bouet
    Federico Diodato
    College of External Persons
    Sabine Barles
    Roberto Gargiani
    Cristiana Mazzoni


    The Technical Committee (TC)
    It consists of elected staff representatives. The Director chairs the body and the person in charge of human resources management is also a member of the TC.
    The technical committee is consulted on the organisation and operation of services, the forward planning of staffing levels, jobs and skills, professional equality, parity and the fight against all forms of discrimination, and the social report.

    The elected representatives
    Holders Alternates
    Nicole Da-Mota Sylvain Facompré
    Paul Landauer Éric Alonzo
    Géraldine Arends Benjamin Giraudon
    Pascale Martin Isabelle Calvi

    The Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committee (CHSCT)
    It comprises elected staff representatives. The director of the body chairs the meeting and the person in charge of human resources management is also a member of the body.
    The CHSCT is assisted by the prevention doctor, the prevention assistant and the health and safety inspector. It is consulted on the organisation of work, the adaptation of workstations and the health and safety conditions of the working environment.

    The representatives
    Holders Alternates
    UNSA Claire Minart Angélica Ferreira
    CFDT Nicole Da Mota
    Paul Landauer
    Djamila Chelli
    CGT Estelle Dietrich Véronique Dignac

    Regulatory commissions
    Regulatory Commissions Department Composition
    Teacher Evaluation
    Commission of teachers
    Pedagogy Director Students and teachers elected to the CA
    Commission for the validation of prior learning schooling 5 or more designated teachers
    to the CA
    Exemption Commission
    schooling Training managers
    Representative of the Order
    An external personality
    Pedagogical Commission
    for additional
    additional (jury)
    schooling The regulatory jury constituted
    for the award of the DEEA conferring
    degree proposes the requests for
    for additional registrations
    to the director who validates them
    Policy Committee schooling Teachers 1A/2A/3A
    2 student members of the Board
    2 teachers appointed by the rectorate
    Disciplinary Committee schooling Teacher and student representatives
    and student representatives, members of the Board
    chaired by the teacher,
    member of the commission,
    with the greatest seniority
    in the school

    Disciplinary Committee
    role: the Director may, after consultation with a Disciplinary Committee, pronounce a disciplinary measure against any student guilty of having disturbed order or infringed the rules of operation of the institution.

    Tthe commission for the validation of studies, professional experience or personal achievements
    Initial training
    role: decides on the entry of an equivalent number of practising architects to the various levels of continuing professional education. In view of the new recruitment procedures for students in the first year of the Bachelor's degree, all teachers (in pairs) are likely to be members of the committee.

    The Teaching Evaluation Committee
    role: to monitor the teaching evaluation procedure and make recommendations if necessary.
    composition: Director of the School of Architecture, elected representatives of the teachers and students of the Board of Directors.

    The pedagogical commission for additional enrolment
    role: the jury for the third year of the Bachelor's degree in architecture proposes applications for additional enrolment to the Director of the School of Architecture for validation.

    The School of Architecture's own committees
    Commissions internal Department Composition
    Traineeship Committee Schooling Enseignants 2A/4A/5A
    Commission for the valorisation
    of student engagement
    Schooling Director or her representative
    Head of School or his/her representative
    Teachers 1A, 2A
    Travel Commission Pedagogy Pedagogical coordinator
    Teacher in the project field Bachelor cycle
    Master cycle teacher
    Head of the History and Theory field
    Christophe Widerski,
    Laurent Koetz,
    Paul Landauer
    International Mobility Committee Schooling
    International Strategy Committee International strategy
    Commission de césure Schooling Director or her representative
    Head of School or
    his/her representative
    2 Teachers
    Publications Commission Recherche Director or her representative
    School Emergency Fund Commission2 Schooling Director or
    her representative
    Head of the
    Head of Education or
    Donors or
    their representatives
    Social worker
    Crous de Créteil
    External personality
    Commission CVEC Finance / Schooling
    Acquisitions Committee (library) Library Eric Alonzo, Fosco Lucarelli, Sébastien Marot, Fanny Lopez
    Continuing Education Commission Continuing Education Sophie spirglaz, Eric Alonzo,
    Patrick Ben Soussan,
    Margaux Gillet,
    Matthieu Delorme,
    Julien Boidot, Jean-Aimé Shu
    Gender Equality Committee Direction Director, Equality Officer
    Committee BQF and BQR Pedagogy Applications related to
    with the activities of
    research activities
    (publication or study days)
    will be forwarded to the RC
    For training requests :
    President and Vice President
    of the CFVE
    + two elected members of the CFVE:
    Eric Lapierre, Olivier Malclès,
    Iris Lacoudre, Mariabruna Fabrizi

    Documents to download
    rules of procedure

    1. Amina Sellali has been Director of the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Est since 19 January 2015. She succeeds Yves Lion (1998-2001), Jean Taricat (2001-2005), Philippe Geffré (2005-2008), Jean-Michel Knop (2008-2010) and Alain Derey (2010-2014).

    2. The School of Architecture has set up a fund dedicated to the material support of its students. The aid granted covers exemption from study trips, access to photocopies and essential equipment for project teaching.

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